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HIIT Can Be a Sports Choice for Your Busy

Exercise has many health benefits, one of which increases the body's metabolism. But sometimes because you are too busy doing activities, you don't have time to exercise. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) can be a solution for you who have a dense activity. HIIT is a cardio training method that can be done in a short time, approximately 10-30 minutes in one exercise. After doing this exercise, the body's metabolism will increase and the body will continue to burn fat, even when resting. Various Benefits of HIIT for Health HIIT combines high-intensity and low-intensity exercises alternately. For example, brisk walking for 30 seconds, then interspersed with a leisurely walk for 30 seconds. HIIT is suitable for people who are just starting to exercise and for those who are used to sports. There are various health benefits of HIIT, such as strengthening muscles, increasing body metabolism, reducing body weight, reducing stress levels, burning calories, and reducing
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This is the Importance of Consuming Oats Every Day

If you're tired of breakfast with bread, fried rice, porridge, or boiled eggs, maybe you can try oats. Besides being delicious, oats also contain a variety of health benefits for the body, such as maintaining weight, keeping blood sugar levels stable, and reducing the risk of heart disease. Dense activity may cause you to not have breakfast. In fact, breakfast is very important to replenish energy after sleeping through the night on an empty stomach, so you can be more focused and not starve. Even so, choosing a breakfast menu shouldn't be haphazard. Not only can filling, breakfast must also contain good nutrition. One of the right foods to serve as a breakfast menu is whole oats. These grains contain low calories, but are rich in fiber and protein. Reasons for Good Oats Consumed Every Day Grains which have the Latin name Avena sativa contain a variety of nutrients that are good for the body, including vitamins B1, B3, B5, and B6, folate, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, zinc

9 Tips to Maintain Vaginal Health during Menstruation

Many things that make some women feel uncomfortable during menstruation. Complaints such as itching, stinging, and unpleasant odor of vaginal discharge have become a problem that is often experienced by women. Could be, these complaints arise because of vaginal hygiene during menstruation is not maintained. A healthy vagina should be odorless, itchy, and not reddish in the vulva. In fact, the vagina tends to become more moist during menstruation. The closed female area is vulnerable to making the vagina moist and makes bacteria and fungus multiply easily. As a result, women will more easily experience vaginal itching and vaginal discharge. In addition to these two complaints, uncontrolled fungal growth in the vagina can also cause redness, pain during urination or sexual intercourse, rashes, itching, and vaginal swelling. Causes of Itching and Vaginal discharge Although it happens quite often, vaginal itching and vaginal discharge during menstruation should not be underestimated.